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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
Sweet Conchs at Sweet Lime
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Saturday, 08 August 2009 10:39

Beyond the usual fish and shrimp dish, I tend not to be very adventurous with seafood. But Sweet Lime’s Sweet Conchs was a dish I just had to try!   

Also called “Jackpot” the Sweet Conchs at Sweet Lime is a dish of full of flavor. Marinated in a medley of local herbs and spices the conchs are slow cooked in a curry and coconut sauce. The aromas alone that emanate from the sauce are enough to make your mouth water.

The conchs are served on a bed of basmati rice, a very fitting choice since basmati is known for being a most fragrant and delicate rice. This only enhances the flavor and texture of the curried coconut conchs. A side of fresh sautéed vegetables also compliments the dish. The vegetables are crisp, fresh and juicy. When the entire dish came together, I was delighted to find such an array of flavors on one plate. While the conchs could have been slightly more tender for my personal taste, I still found it infinitely easy to see why Sweet Conchs at Sweet lime is called a jackpot dish.



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