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Friday, 15 December 2017
Electronica Right Nex Dor
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Saturday, 25 July 2009 13:29

Nex Dor Pub was alive with the sounds of electronica on Saturday! a_phake & irukandji were joined by Laza Beam who rendered kinetic performances.

Producers a_phake & irukandji opened the intimate-but-intense set with their mind blowing compositions. a_phake stunned the crowd with his vocally moving renditions while irukandji, his partner in crime, kept the backing strong. And adding singing to the set proved to be a decidedly ingenious move. a_phake was also electric on the guitar which was so synchronously tuned with irukandji’s beats.

By the time Laza Beam took the stage, outfitted in his black neuro-neck trench, the sizeable patronage at Nex Dor was eagerly awaiting his undertaking. And he didn’t disappoint! Equipped with CS3, drums, guitar and chanterman, Laza Beam unleashed Drum and Bass styles that rocked the pub! For his first number, Laza Beam set the beat and took to the drums while MC Brian McNeo, a.k.a Puss, took the mic and dropped some rhythmic rhymes. Laza Beam’s brother, Shyamal Chandradathsingh, added a special flavour to Laza’s performance when he took the stage with guitar in hand! The performance was rapturous.

Electronica at Nex Dor was quite something to behold. Energetic, progressive and powerful, electronica  on the Avenue was right, and it was right Nex Dor. 



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